Thursday, May 05, 2005

Global Supply Chain Blog

I have created the Global Supply Chain blog. I created this blog because there is a need for a venue where professionals and practitioners (read operations, finance and IT) people can come and freely exchange ideas on Global Supply Chain issues.

People who are actively involved in Global Supply Chain management have always understood that their business is different from other aspects of the organization. The global supply chain is complex. It requires a cross-disciplinary approach to business. It involves planning and forecasting, purchasing, global logistics, compliance (regulatory, product, supplier, and service provider), inventory management, sales, customer service and finance. All of these areas are siloes of work within the four walls of the organization. All of them require information that is the fundamental responsibility of another department within the organization. More than almost any other area global supply chain control requires collaboration between more partners than any other area of the business.

Most people within North American business organizations don’t understand what managing the global supply chain requires. Senior executives are virtually clueless of the complexities and risks surrounding the global supply chain but are being driven to global practices because competitiveness demands it. They realize the potential benefits but don’t understand what is needed to achieve a “best-in-class” organization.

I am looking for people dedicated to this area who are willing to engage with me and other professionals, share their challenges and solutions, discuss goals and objectives and how they might be reached, provide metrics and benchmarks that they have found useful.

I am looking for participants who want to achieve excellence in managing their global supply chain,

My ideas may be of interest, they may prove mainstream or unconventional. Hopefully, they will create interest and dialogue.

I have sent this message with the link to the blog because I believe you are interested in this area and it may be an opportunity for you to share information with others and benefit from their knowledge and experiences. I have several articles posted that will give you a flavor of what will appear on these pages. Most importantly I am very interested in your feedback on topics that you would like to have discussed in the area of global supply chain management and control.

If you wish to be removed from my list please send me an email and I will do so immediately.

Kind Regards
Ned Blinick
Blinco Systems Inc./3rdwave


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